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Review on Wikipedia:
Octavarium was released on June 7, 2005, and took the band's sound in yet another new direction. Among its eight songs is a continuation of Portnoy's "Alcoholics Anonymous" suite ("The Root of All Evil", steps 6-7 in the 12-step plan), as well as the title track, a musically versatile 24 minute epic rivaling "A Change of Seasons". Octavarium received mixed reviews from fans and has been the subject of spirited debate.Octavarium was the last album under their seven-album deal with Elektra Records, which had inherited the contract upon its absorption of EastWest Records.

The Track List:
1. Root Of All Evil (8.14)
2. Answer Lies Within (5.33)
3. These Walls (7.36)
4. I Walk Beside You (4.25)
5. Panic Attack (8.13)
6. Never Enough (6.46)
7. Sacrificed Sons (10.38)
8. Octavarium (23.59)
9. Mirror (4.17)

Download here....
Dream Theater 2005 Octavarium (72.66M)

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